Psalm 1

Today we start our sermon series of summer in the Psalms. The book of Psalms is grouped into the poetical books (Job, Psalms, proverbs, Ecclesiastes and the songs of songs.   Psalms, as a whole, is also subdivided into 5 smaller books but there is one Principle in all of Psalms and it is that the Lord who rules everything will establish His just rule on earth and through His people whereupon the righteousness will prosper and the wicked will suffer.   Now realize sometimes it was difficult for a believer to resolve issues of God in ancient times since the wicked seemed to prosper, so they would write a Psalm, or Praises in Hebrew, to express themselves.   Many Hebrews wrote in the Psalms but King David had a major influence on the book of Psalms.   The Book of Psalms gives us a unique look into Israel’s corporate and personal worship.   Some of the Psalms within the book give us the everyday struggle of the believer which is very helpful because many of the things they dealt with then we still deal with today…Struggles in life, feelings of abandonment etc. But they also show us the mountain top experiences of praise to God,   Today we are just going to look at the introduction of Psalms.