Your gift helps further the impact of the ministries of WestWinds Community Church, and we take that seriously.  Rest assured, the stewardship of your gift is a sacred responsibility.

The word "tithe" literally means tenth or 10%. Tithing, or giving ten percent of your income, isn't merely giving something to God. It's giving back what was His to begin with. All that we have, or hope to have, comes from him. The Bible says that tithing is a reminder that God is the supplier of everything. It teaches us to always put God first in our lives.

There are many different ways you can give:

1. Cash or Cheque in the offering plate on Sunday, or in the Offering Box at the Connections Desk.

2. Visit the Debit/Credit machine at the Connections Desk on Sunday morning, or during office hours throughout the week (Monday to Thursday 9am-2pm).

3. By using the WestWinds "Church Center" App on your mobile device by clicking on the "Give" tab.

4. Give online by clicking the link below. Follow the instructions to give a single gift, or set up a regular withdrawal.

Give Online


5.  Text Give to 604-576-9407 and follow the instructions.

6.  You can now E-transfer by sending your gift to 

7. Give using online CLICK HERE

We appreciate all manner of support for the ministry. If you want to tithe or just support our ministry, but are not sure how to, please give us a call, email us or drop by and we can help you out! 

All donations will be put into the general fund unless otherwise designated.

"Specifically restricted donations will first be expended for the donor’s designated use, but any excess after fulfillment of the expenses can be reallocated for general purposes at the Boards discretion"