Cause Youth Ministry

The Youth ministry of Westwinds Community Church is made up of grades 8-12. We get together on a regular basis for one reason: THE GREATEST CAUSE ON EARTH. It is the incredible message of how Jesus Christ, the Son of God, came and gave up his own life so that we can live!

This message has changed our lives so much that we get together to learn how to LIVE OUT THIS CAUSE. This is done through building relationship with Jesus and each other, by learning to love our friends and community, and by thanking God through music and service.

Right now we are still meeting but things have shifted a little with Covid. We are meeting every Friday from 7-9 pm and have started CAUSE YOUTH SQUADS! These squads act as your small group for the semester. We are doing this to ensure social distancing and limit social circles! Each week students enter through their own specfic entrance and get some time to hang out together with thier squad and leaders. Then they compete in a sqaud challenege to earn points against the other squads and then we have a video teaching and small group discussion. If you want to register your student please click HERE 

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