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Here are some answers to commonly asked questions.

WestWinds Community Church is embarking on the building project with a clear vision of reaching out to the community. We are a community of faith, love, and hope, and we believe that the building project will enable us to better serve our community and meet the needs of those around us. We believe that the church is not a building, but rather a community of people who gather to worship, learn, and serve. However, having a physical space that is welcoming and accessible to all is essential for creating a sense of belonging and facilitating meaningful connections.

As the world around us changes, it is important for the church to adapt and change with the times. We believe that the way we do church is changing, and that we need to be open to new ideas and approaches to ministry. In Romans 12:2, Paul urges us to not conform to the pattern of this world, but to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. This means that we need to be willing to change and adapt, in order to better serve God and the world around us.

The building project is an important step for WestWinds Community Church, as we seek to reach out to our community and create a space that is welcoming and accessible to all. We believe that by embracing change and adapting to new ways of doing ministry, we can better serve God and our community, and continue to grow as a community of faith, love, and hope.

WestWinds Community Church is thrilled to have a dynamic and committed team overseeing the building project. The building committee is composed of individuals who bring a wealth of expertise and experience, including businesspeople and stakeholders in ministry. This diverse group of individuals is passionate about the project and dedicated to seeing it through to completion. Brian LeCapplain is Chair of the building committee.

The building committee works tirelessly to gather information, analyze options, and make informed decisions about the project. Ultimately, the WestWinds board of directors oversees the committee, ensuring that all decisions align with the church's vision and values. The board serves as a bridge between the committee and the congregation, communicating updates and progress on the project. All major financial decisions will be brought to the members of the congregation for discussion and voting.

This structure allows for a seamless and efficient process, ensuring that all aspects of the project are handled with care and attention to detail. At WestWinds, we are proud of our commitment to transparency and communication, and we believe that this approach to the building project will lead to a successful outcome that benefits both the church and the wider community.

In short, our building committee is made up of passionate and dedicated individuals who bring a range of skills and expertise to the table. They are overseen by the WestWinds board of directors, who communicate updates and progress to the congregation. We are excited about this project and confident in our team's ability to see it through to completion.

Building Committee Team

Brian LeCapplain
  • Treasurer
Christian Brouwer
  • Director
Dave Froese
  • Director
Kathy Jary
  • Director