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I wanted to give you an update on how we are responding to the Covid19 virus in regards to WestWinds services.  We are canceling tomorrow's 10 am service.  This decision was tough but also an easy one for the board.  As we weighed all the options we thought it best, at this time, to cancel tomorrow's service, do a deep cleaning of the church this week with the hope of assembling again on March 22nd as long as the BC health authorities keep everything where it is at.  If that changes we do have a plan to move forward if there are further restrictions for gatherings of our size.  Please look for emails and posts on social media for further updates throughout the week for what our next steps are.

On another note, Michelle, Paige and Myself have been quarantined by BC Health Authorities until all of our symptoms are gone and then two days after that of no symptoms. This is only a precautionary quarantine but it is important to control the possible spread of any virus and we are complying.  We are taking this seriously.

These are very interesting times right now and I want to make sure that we protect those that are the most vulnerable in our congregation and our community.  

More to follow as the week goes on.

God bless,

Pastor Mark