Psalm 2

As you read many of the Royal Psalms they begin to take on a hope of an Anointed One or Messiah who will rule and ushering in the Kingdom of God.   So you can see that Israel has had the hope of a political earthly King who will save them from destruction for a very long time.   And that’s one of the many reason it was very confusing for the Jewish people to understand Jesus’ message.   Jesus was speaking about a spiritual kingdom and the Jewish people could only see an earthly kingdom.   You can see in Psalm 2 that the writer is asking why the other nations can’t understand that God is all-powerful They also asked why the nations look at serving God as a burden (Chains).   The other nations and sometimes ever Israel, at that time saw serving God as a controlling deity that would take away their fun.   They saw God as wanting to control their lives and take away their freedom.   Today our society thinks the same way.   Today our society would have us believe that true happiness comes through personal freedom.   That self focused relational flexibility and material possession will bring personal satisfaction.   It’s no different than in ancient times.